Project Abstract

william-shakespeare2.jpgWhen I first came to Sonoma State University it was with the intent of creating a year-long curriculum that incorporated technology throughout. One of my first ideas was to use a wiki to store projects created during student’s studies of William Shakespeare. It was a gut feeling more than anything else: before I had thought about “authentic audiences” or “differentiated instruction” a Shakespearean wiki just seemed like a neat and useful idea. Little did I know it would come to symbolize my new teaching philosophy.

A wiki is a collaborative creation – it only works if everyone chips in to make it better. Student’s will be able to work together on projects of genuine interest to them, which will motivate them to work harder. And because the entire class will see their work they will try their best. And their hard work will continue to influence students for years to follow. This wiki is a proof of concept, designed to show what is possible from such a creation. There are sufficient resources to give a first-year class some idea of what the wiki is capable of.

This project is important to me because it serves as an anchor for my work and a destination to move towards. I know why it is so important that my students work together to think critically and collaboratively, because I have a symbol of that mode of thinking ready to show them. Through the wiki I have learned the overall direction of my curriculum. One of the hardest parts of being a new teacher is the ambiguity of the overall curriculum: if you don’t know where you’re going with a lesson it’s impossible to teach students anything. Thanks to this assignment I know where I am going with my lessons.

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This page would be a starting point for all students. However only those students registered to the individual classes would have the password to access that class' work. These passwords would change every year to safeguard incoming students. The actual Shakespearean wiki would be on a secure server to protect student identity.

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Brutus' Soliloquy, Act II.1
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