Two Models of Educational Technology

This model was created for Edct 556 using the favorite toys of my childhood, Lego building blocks, and they show the wear of well-loved things.

When I first entered the Ed Tech program at Sonoma State University I envisioned educational technology as a means of transmitting information efficiently and accessibly to the youth of today. This transmission model was like a clean, sterile future-shock landscape where helpful robots made sure students kept up with their studies...

...and the teacher was an image on a screen, transmitting all the necessary information to his students.

But as I studied the way that students actually use technology, I realized that the true face of the modern classroom should look like an updated version of the progressive classrooms of old.

Students are self-motivated to work in groups on differentiated projects related to the current area of investigation. The teacher is in their midst, exploring ideas with them and guiding them when necessary. The focus is on self or socially constructed meaning derived from critical investigation.

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